Delivery Information


Ordering from Online Shopping Namibia provides you with the following benefits:

  • Orders processed and shipped within 24-hours from receipt of payment while stocks lasts (95% of our orders get sent out the same day – once payment is received)
  • 12 month warranty is offered on most of our electronics - Will be displayed at the bottom of product description page (Returns will be at the customer cost - shipping charges and re-shipping charges)
  • Very few stores offer a 12 month guarantee! We pride ourselves on only sourcing the best quality products.
  • Free Shipping to Namibia (Please note that additional charges for outer laying areas may be charged)
  • Items are hand delivered via reputable courier service in your area e.g. Air Mail, DHL, EMS, FedEx or UPS
  • Additional fees are charged for products shipped via courier service eg. DHL, EMS, FedEx or UPS.
  • Air Mail with tracking number will be at NO cost. FREE!

Typical delivery time ranges for major destinations:

  • DHL, UPS, FedEx: 2-5 days to deliver after dispatch.
  • EMS: 5-15 days to deliver.
  • Air Mail: 5-30 days to deliver

Receiving Your Delivery

  • We guarantee your order will be delivered successfully
  • Couriers require a signature from the recipient for delivery, and this is a fast and secure way to have your products delivered.
  • It is essential you provide a full, accurate shipping address, and a valid delivery phone number. [in English]

Import / Customs:
Customs clearance paperwork and procedures are handled by the courier. They may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm details of a shipment. In any cases where additional paperwork is required for customs clearance, we will assist you fully. Any local sales tax or import duty will be calculated when your goods enter your country: in most cases there is nothing to pay, but if there is, you simply receive a small surcharge bill when you receive the products.

Please note that some of our items will at times already be covered for taxes and duties e.g. Kindle (will strictly be stipulated in item description)

Delivery Failure Scenarios:

  • The package is lost, broken, or stolen before it reaches you.
    Online Shopping Namibia will re-send the goods or give a full refund. In practice such cases are very rare, perhaps 1 in 5000 shipments, when using courier services. Please note confirmation of such cases can take some time, so in such an event you may be advised to place a new order at your expense while the original shipment is investigated pending compensation.
  • An Air Mail package has not arrived after a long time.
    These cases are rare, and if this ever occurs, we will inform you of the delivery deadline for your package, which will be 30-60 days depending on the region.
  • Multi-part delivery arrives missing some items or packets.
    In this case, a customer had ordered more than one product and found that the order arrived without the appropriate number of ordered items. 

    Similar to what you would do with regards to a broken item case, the proper reporting procedure would be: (1) contact your courier immediately to issue a formal complaint, and (2) open a ticket with Online Shopping Namibia within 2 working days and provide the requisite photos. (Guidelines for photos: Take photos of all 6 sides of the brown cardboard shipping box (outer casing) the delivery arrived in. You will then need to provide photos of the received items in the way in which they arrived inside the shipping box. Please also indicate the dimensions of the package and the gross weight of the entire package (shipping box + main product (incl. accessories, if any) + any and all packing material). Please retain the package and all contents for later reference.

    After this initial phase, please contact your courier's local office and open a claim. You will then need to contact Online Shopping Namibia to receive a formal ticket about your case. During this time, our delivery team will evaluate whether or not your missing product was the result of delivery or packing error. If it is determined that a packing error occurred, Online Shopping Namibia will credit you the value of the missing. On the other hand, if it is determined the missing items were the cause of a courier mishandling, Online Shopping Namibia will follow your claim with the courier's office of origin. Once the missing case is confirmed by the courier, Online Shopping Namibia will credit you for the value of the missing product.
  • Items in the packet arrive in a damaged condition.
    A customer’s order arrived with product/s in damaged condition.

    In such a scenario, you must, first, raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. Then, contact Online Shopping Namibia and provide the requisite photos. (Guidelines for photos: First, take photos of all 6 sides of the box that contains the product (inner casing). Then, take photos of all 6 sides of the brown cardboard shipping box (outer casing). For the product itself, please provide enough photos that will accurately show, first, the whole product and then a close-up of the damaged area.) The photos will then be used for remodeling the broken process to find out the cause of the damage. And also the customer needs to keep the original packing case for courier's investigation purposes.

    Provided you follow the correct reporting process, your case can be dealt with expeditiously if the incident report is received by Online Shopping Namibia within 2 working days from your receipt of the damaged article/s. Once details and photos clearly evidencing the damage are sent to Online Shopping Namibia, and confirms the products were indeed damaged during transit, a credit worth the product value of the damaged item will be made or a replacement part or accessory, if applicable, will be sent to you at our discretion.
  • A shipment is delayed, turned back, or seized by Customs.
    If the Customs issue was your responsibility, you are liable. If the failed delivery was due to mishandling by Online Shopping Namibia, you will receive compensation when the case is resolved. Such cases are unusual but it is important you are aware of your responsibilities in such a case. Please note that some items are banned from entering Namibia eg. Green Lasers. Please make sure with Customs Office if you are unsure if a item is allowed in your state.

General Delivery Failure Cases Where You Accept Liability

You (or the consignee) must accept delivery of the goods and comply with any applicable procedures/charges from your local Customs.

If the delivery fails because:

  • you were not at home or the courier could not contact you
  • the delivery details were wrong
  • the recipient fails to accept the goods
  • the courier cannot satisfactorily verify the identity of the person attempting to receive the goods
  • the courier cannot deliver to a remote area or invalid address
  • delivery fails due to war, disaster, etc
  • other similar scenarios beyond our control

... [in such cases] you agree that Online Shopping Namibia will not accept liability and no compensation will be made.

There are also several situations in which you accept liability when the goods do not arrive due to Customs issues. If you are unclear with anything, please contact our Sales Team and they will provide you further assistance. More info can be found in our terms and conditions section. Contact our sales team on

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