Digital Head and Neck Massager with Air Pressure, Vibration, Heat, and Soothing Music

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Digital Head and Neck Massager with Air Pressure, Vibration, Heat, and Soothing Music

Comfortable and portable, this Digital Head Massager relieves tension, headache, and revitalizes your brain and body anytime and anywhere you need it. 
Inspired by popular Meridian treatment (Chinese medicine), this head and neck massager is designed with air sacs and acupuncture points to massage different parts of the head and neck area. It improves blood circulation, promotes movement of brain cells and eases tension and pain of head and neck. Finally, ancient Chinese medicine merges with modern technology to improve life. 
With three different types of music to choose from, the built-in soothing sound of this massager resonates within your brain, relieving stress, and promoting self-recovery of your brain cells. In addition, the massager also comes with a heating function to provide you with a soft warm feeling, which in turn promotes the blood circulation around the head and neck area, and further release stress and fatigue. 
Who doesn’t want to reduce stress? A quick and easy way to promote inner peace, this massager will help you increase productivity, improve sleep, and enables you to fully enjoy all that life has to offer. From the hard working mother to the elderly grandfather, this massager is easy to use and great for all ages. It can even be powered by 4x AA batteries (not included), so you can use it on the road or after your next exhausting business trip. 
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable size to fit anyone
  • Equipped with built-in speakers
  • Acupressure vibration and heated therapy provide soothing relief for headaches, stiff neck
  • Soothing music to further enhance relaxation, relief tension, pain, and fatigue

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