Hidden Pen Camera

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Hidden Pen Camera

.Auto detects the wireless signals, when there is an unknown wireless signal; the detective pen will give the color light automatically.
.Press the key when you want to check the money fake or not, do not touch the cap of a pen at first, the blue light flashes once while it begins to work, and please do not release the key until the detection is ended.
.The color light flash will be stronger and stronger when the detector is nearer to the suspicious transmit, then you can touch or hold the cap of a pen to reduce the sensitivity of the detector until find the source of the signal.
.Change the batteries if the red light ca not be lit any more. Please screw off the battery lid and remove the old batteries, install four new LR-44 batteries matching correct (+) and (-) poles as indicated, then screw the battery lid back
.Detects a radius of 10 Meters and can precisely detect wireless signals of 900/1200/1300 and 2400/2600/3000MHz
.Color: Silver
.Size: 128 x 10(dia) mm
.Detective Output: LED Flash
.Detective Area: Detected A Radius Of 10 Meters
.Wireless Signal: 900/1200/1300和2400/2600/3000mhz
.Detective Sense Degree: 100 mhz -3ghz
.Working current: 30UA
.Power Supply: 3 pieces LR41 button Cell
.Package Dimensions: 180 x 40 x 20mm
.Packing: Inner metal box + Outer Carton
Package Content:
.1 x Anti-Spy Pinhole Hidden Pen
.1 x User Manual
.12 x LR41 Button Cells

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